Why Yoga, QiGong & Meditation?

These practices offer tremendous benefits. 
Some of these benefits include:


* Increased flexibility

* Strengthened immune system

* Lowered blood pressure

* Enhanced awareness

* Better concentration

* Improved circulation

* Calmed nervous system

* And much more!


"Practicing yoga not only helps the body to relax, it also gives you the ability to control your body at stressful times through breathing and being able to focus on what is really important."

- Anne

"I have learned to relax and use my energy more freely than I ever have. The breathing has helped my asthma and I have not had to rely on my inhalers.  I love the guided meditation.  Thank you for sharing your kind and generous spirit with me."

- Doneen

"I feel so peaceful and limber after class.  On class nights I seem to sleep more deeply.  Thank you Doris!  I love your class!"

- Laurie